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Predeterminado Apple Motion 5.4.2 [macOS] Calificación: de 5,00

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Apple Motion 5.4.2

Apple Motion 5.4.2 MAS | Mac OS X | 2.42 GB.

[code]Motion is an advanced graphic animation tool that allows easily create extraordinary titles in 2D or 3D, seamless transitions and realistic effects in real time.

2D and 3D titles
� Amount 360 content and design effects, titles generators and 360 �.
� Create 3D titles from scratch, designing them from simple templates or converting 2D to 3D.
� Easily create incredible and encourage titles.
� Choose from a variety of text styles.
� Customize 3D titles for a host of aspects with more than 90 3D materials designed by Apple.
� The vector characters adjust their size, tilt and rotation with absolute clarity, while the sophisticated engine Motion allows you to work in real time.

Graphic animation to Final Cut Pro
� Keep titles, effects, transitions and generators and access them directly into Final Cut Pro.
� Customize titles, effects and transitions Final Cut Pro by opening them in Motion.
� Create intelligent templates to control groups of settings with a slider, drop � box selection in Final Cut Pro.
� Keep animated graphics 360 � and access them immediately Explorer effects Final Cut Pro.

Spectacular Effects
� Choose from more than 230 behaviors to achieve a natural movement without keyframes.
� Keep track a moving object in a video clip.
� Create an accurate chroma key in one step with the filter modulation.
� Use SmoothCam to eliminate tremors camera and image stabilization to correct camera shake.
� Create your own brushes and 3D strokes or use one of over 140 presets brush.
� Design your own particle emitters or choose from 200 presets real world effects.
� Select a rectangular or circular mask or use tools and freehand Bezier masks.
� Use the intuitive keyframe tools in Motion to precisely control the timing and position of the elements in animations.
� Apply effects 360 � as blurs and shimmers.
� Be amazed by the enormous variety of third � party FxPlug modules with custom interfaces.

Effortless 3D compositions
� Pass 2D to 3D space by adding cameras.
� Create 3D scenes on a project of 360 � to 360 � ultra � realistic environments.
� Create realistic shadows that animate dynamically with the movement of cameras and lights.
� Easily perform tracking objects or groups of objects.
� Define selectively focus while moving an object in 3D space.
� Convert any shape, video plane or paint stroke into a reflective surface in 3D space.

Speed, quality and unsurpassed results
� Amount wealth of color images and export them to standard color space Rec. 709 or the wealth of color Rec. 2020
� Export standard projects or 360 � to Apple devices and publish them directly vimeo, Facebook and YouTube.
� Choose the output format ProRes 4444 for high � quality small files.
� Send projects to Compressor for custom encodings, such as HEVC.

System Requirements: macOS 10.12.4 or later, 4 GB of RAM (8 GB for 4K video titles in 3D and 360 �), graphics card compatible with OpenCL GPU card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 (or later), 256 MB of VRAM (1 GB 4K, 3D and video titles 360 �), 4.7 GB of disk space (3.5 GB and 1.2 GB application for complementary content).

What�s new
Advanced color gradation
� Use color wheels in individual provisions or quadruple to quickly adjust the hue, saturation and brightness.
� Apply professional color curves to adjust color and contrast with great precision.
� curves hue / saturation to select and change a level of nuance or specific brightness without changing other parts of the image.
� Use the eyedropper with color curves and hue / saturation to quickly take samples from an image to make adjustments.
� Apply custom LUT known sites and apps gradation of color.
� Adjusts color corrections in time with precise keyframe controls.

Filter comic
� instantly converts a photo or video in a comic illustration.
� Choose between different styles to create illustrations in color, monochrome or grayscale.
� Change the appearance of comics with simple controls for adjusting ink the edges, filling and softness.

�Tiny planet� filter
� Insert the filter �tiny planet� by adding 360 video in a project than 360 � to create an interesting spherical power .
� Use the rotation parameters Z and X to wrap the effect of tiny planet in an infinite cylinder.
� Adjust the rotation parameter Y to move the subject horizontally through the tiny planet.
� Encourages view to moving from a close � up view a satellite above recording.
� Deforms titles and generators applying the filter �tiny planet�.

Motor Core Text
� Text The Core Engine ensures accurate representation of Arabic letters, harakaat Indian Devanagari and Thai diacritics.
� Correction emoji rendering and animation, fine glyphs, capital letters in various point sizes and vertical text characters together and aligned.

New features introduced in version 5.4.1
ProRes RAW
� ProRes RAW file support that lets you design animated image data RAW high definition graphics camera sensor.
� Enjoy smooth playback and creating graphics in real time on Mac laptops and desktop computers.
� Work natively with ProRes files RAW RAW or ProRes HQ created with ATOMOS recorders and drone DJI Inspire 2.[/code]

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