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Juegos y Consolas Cuéntanos sobre los juegos, tanto de PC como para consolas: cuál es el mejor, cuál es el peor. Valora y haz comparativos entre los juegos y cuéntanos cuál es el mejor juego y el peor. Planea encuentros en línea para realizar juegos, pide ayuda sobre cómo pasar un stage o cuál es la mejor táctica para superar un juego.

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Anthology TrackMania 2004-2008 RePack by White

Participa en el tema Anthology TrackMania 2004-2008 RePack by White en el foro Juegos y Consolas.
Anthology TrackMania 2004-2008 RePack by White Cita: Anthology TrackMania 2004-2008 RePack by White | 3.6 GB Genre: Arcade/Racing (Cars)/3D | ....

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Anthology TrackMania 2004-2008 RePack by White


Anthology TrackMania 2004-2008 RePack by White | 3.6 GB

Genre: Arcade/Racing (Cars)/3D | Developer: Nadeo | Platform: PC
Publisher: Buka Entertainment | Lang: English & Russian
TrekManiya - playing with a fundamentally new concept that combines the creation of new crazy runs, the decision puzzling mysteries and crazy driving! Powerful and easy-to-use designer allows racetracks do racing tracks with loop, ski jump and platforms for overclocking. Innovative multiplayer mode is a new word in well-established genre.
- Solve clever puzzles! For solving puzzles you get the opportunity to use the editor of new construction elements. Try these throes of creation and parents a simple and ingenious solution to the problem!
- Loops, springboards, high-speed interchange - you can easily create a route, consisting of more than 2000 building blocks! Customize your car, create your own maps and go on the internet, for what would fight with other players from around the world!
- You expect harsh deserts, and picturesque rural expanses and winter landscapes. Steep turns, crazy jumps, varied landscapes provide a fascinating and unique gameplay.
- Experience the real passions in a multiplayer game, which can take up to 10 people on a local network or via the Internet. Network code TrekManii specially optimized for what would provide equal opportunities to players with a broadband connection and the owners of conventional modems.
- In the localized version includes all the latest updates and additions to "Power Up!", Whereby during the single races you have enemies there, opens the ability to edit replays and optimized network code.
TrackMania Sunrise & Extreme
This "TrekManii Sunrise is an original game concept. Combining the best of the golden classics and the spirit of innovation, this game immerses you in a high-octane racing madness from the first arrival. Players can do absolutely unique tracks with gigantic jumps, loops and dead pads for overclocking. And "TrekManiya Sunrise will assess your creation to players from around the world. High speed, innovative multiplayer mode and a powerful, yet easy to use built-in editor, which allows wildest fantasies - what more needs to be happy really fan of racing?
- New powerful cars that can accelerate to 400 km / hour.
- Additional types of landscapes.
- Two new single player mode - Platform and Crazy.
- Built peering client for communication and exchange of modified tracks and skins.
- Customizable skins cars and avatars.
- Intensive support for the project a great gaming community.
- The democratic system requirements.
TrackMania Nations
As is known, the popularity of a sport depends on many factors. Competitive disciplines should be as accessible and understandable for both participants and spectators. Simultaneously, the curve of entertainment must continue to grow upwards from the first seconds of the start of sports activities. As all this is due to Trackmania Nations? The most direct way.
- In multiplayer mode, along with the possibility of races through the Internet and local area networks present an elegant "loophole" that allows to arrange your own local tournament on one computer. Done is very simple: up to 8 people can chase each other on stage at the time. Those whose result would be the worst, it is logical to be eliminated from the final candidates of victory, and so on until the very end. Everything else must be said that even if many participants, the combined global web of different points of the planet, can not only excel individually, but also in the team competition, then the results will be summarized partners.
- As an exercise you can consistently go through 90 levels, divided depending on the size and complexity of the passage in 3 large sections. On each of the tracks, there are three timestamps, reaching or overcome that, you will consistently receive bronze, silver and gold medals. After this, in front of you onwillXia loom only record set by the staff of Nadeo, but to kill them really easy.
TrackMania Nations Forever
Launched two years ago, TrackMania Nations became a true gaming phenomenon. Freely downloadable racing game attracted an unbelievable number of players from all over the world, those who were crazy about fast cars, sophisticated lines for silngla and multipleeera, as well as simple and powerful tools for creating tracks and video. Over the past two years, it was established more than 30 million times and nearly four million players have created an account for online play.
Dyshedshy sequel, TrackMania Nations Forever offers players the version of the environment Stadium, limited solo mode with 65 new tracks with progressive levels of difficulty. TrackMania Nations Forever unites a larger number of players thanks to improvements in multiplayer, innovative online functions and revolutionary interactivity between players.
- Pick a single-user mode.
- Team multiplayer with millions of living rivals.
- Stadium Forever.
- Built-in editor, which allows do own tracks and paint cars.
- Official Ladder (dynamically modifiable lists of the best gamers).
- Compatible with TrackMania United Forever.
TrackMania United
Continuation of the popular arcade racing - TrekManiya United - gathered achievement of after-date game series TrekManiya, including all the official add-ons created by Nadeo. In "TrekManii United also includes loved by many millions of players "TrekManiya Nations, connecting virtual racers from around the world in a mode online. Besides "TrekManiya United includes a completely new set of tools and services for both single and multiplayer games, which will further expand the functional game and open up new prospects for veterans' TrekManii!
- TrekManiya United - gives a new look at each of the worlds presented in the previous games in the series:" TrekManiya "," TrekManiya Sunrise and TrekManiya Nations.
- In game implemented all the latest developments in online games, including additional services and tools within the game itself, and beyond.
- High-tech graphics, adapted to the capabilities of any computer.
- Users of previous versions can move his record to a new game with the conservation of points and statistics.
- Participate in the traditional network for a series of crazy events.
- You can now not only do own tracks and coloring machines, but also the machines and import them into the game, as well as do their own set of textures and drastically change the already finished tracks!
TrackMania United Forever
Welcome to the most spectacular racing universe! TrekManiya - the most spectacular racing game in the world! Millions of players from all over the world participate in individual and team races at tracks TrekManii. TrekManiya United Forever is the most complete edition of the series, because it includes numerous additions and innovations. Having collected all the best from previous games, United Forever offers a great single company consisting of four game modes and 265 tracks of varying difficulty. Once, at an incredible speed on the most spectacular to date virtual lines: long jump, turbo-speed, sharp turns and ramps ... every track the game is able to offer sophisticated player something new and unforgettable!
- 4 single player mode on 265 tracks.
- 7 types of cars, each of which offers the rider a unique gameplay, and 7 types of gaming locations, including unique race TrekManiya Nations Forever, compatible with the free version available for
- Single and team multiplayer modes - Join the millions of players on servers TrekManii!
Integrated peer-to-peer connection will allow you to demonstrate your achievements to other players and the modification of the tracks, cars and much more.
- Create. Build. Try it. Sold! Create your own tracks and race cars and video clips using the built-in editor, and then share them with friends and rivals, using the built-in browser ManiaLinks.
Features repack:
Do not cut/no recoded
Versions of the game:
TrackMania Nations:
TrackMania Nations Forever: 2.11.19
TrackMania United:
TrackMania United Forever: 2.11.26
Setup time games ~ 2-5 min.
Have all the latest updates
RePack by White


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