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iPhone and iPod Touch iOS 5 Essential Training | 3.26 GB
Genre: Video Training

In this course, Garrick Chow provides in-depth instruction on all aspects of the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (OS 5.0): making calls, emailing, browsing the web, managing time, getting around town, taking notes, shooting photos, and listening to music . New features in iOS 5, including iMessage, the streamlined Notification Center, and Apple's new online storage solution, iCloud, are discussed in depth.
The course also includes hands-on demonstrations of how to accurately type and efficiently use finger gestures, and includes tips for setting up the iPhone and iPod Touch so they behave as expected. An Extensive section on troubleshooting Helps When the Occasional glitches Happen. Topics include: Exploring the touchscreen interface Setting up iPhone and iPod Touch preferences Synching with a Mac or PC Typing with the keyboard Intelligent Making Phone calls and voicemail Retrieving Finding a Location with Maps and Downloading Playing Music and video Shooting and Editing photos and video Using accessibility features on the iPhone Tweeting Locating a lost iPhone with Find My iPhone text messages Sending Free with IMessage Finding and purchasing applications from the App Store Troubleshooting
Introduction 05m 03s
01m Welcome 13S
Upgrading to iOS 5 03m 50s

1. The Basics 42m 59s
A Tour around the iPhone and iPod Touch 06 M 39s
The Home screen and Home button 02m 43s
Organizing apps on the Home screen folders with 01m 11S
Running apps and multitasking 03m 47s
Choosing and Controlling sounds 03m 24S
Learning finger gestures 03m 35S
Connecting to a Wi-Fi network 02m 47s
Using the Notification Center 04M 13S
Using Twitter 03m 21s
Charging the battery 02m 54s
Setting up an iTunes Account 03m 15s
Printing from an iPhone using AirPrint 02m 06S
Displaying the iPhone screen on a TV 03m 04S

2. Essentials of the Typing 14m 16S
Understanding the keyless keyboard 01m 57s
Fixing typos and Trusting AutoCorrect 11S 06 M
Select, copy, paste, undo and 03m 13S
01m 12S Hidden Shortcuts
Syncing a Bluetooth keyboard 01m 43s

3. Syncing with a 32m 33s Computer
Getting the Latest version of iTunes 01m 44s
Connecting your iPhone to a Mac or PC 05m 10s
Syncing Music, Movies, Ringtones and 06 M 40S
Syncing photos from a Mac 04M 37s
Syncing photos from a PC 03m 30s
Syncing contacts and Calendars from a Mac 02m 57s
Syncing contacts and Calendars from a PC 02m 49s
03m 15s Backup options
Wireless syncing 01m 51s

4. Part of the Phone the iPhone 59m 55s
Basic Phone Activities 02m 40S
Adding and Managing Favorites 02m 22S
Accessing voicemail 03m 39s
02m 43s Receiving calls
Using the iPhone a Call During a 05m 17S
04M 28S Using FaceTime
Making Conference calls 02m 30s
Adding recent calls to your contacts 02m 37s
02m 34S Sharing contacts
Assigning Specific photos and contacts Ringtones to 04M 31s
Using the included 02m 35S Headset
Bluetooth Headset Connecting a 04M 00s
Forwarding your calls 01m 43s
Turning Call Waiting on and off 01m 03s
Turning Caller ID on and off 01m 09S
Creating Custom Ringtones with iTunes 06 M 16S
Texting, MMS, and IMessage 09M 48S

5. Email 31m 05S
Importing Email accounts from a Computer 01m 55s
Setting up Exchange, MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL Email accounts 03m 37s
Setting up Email accounts Other 02m 08S
Keeping Email Synced with your Computer 04M 36S
04M 04S Composing Email
Receiving Email and reading 06 M 47s
Searching your Mailboxes 02m 21s
Setting Email options 05m 37s

6. Surfing the Web 26m 35S
Web browsing with Safari 07m 05S
Saving bookmarks and Viewing the History list 05m 22S
02m 34S Saving Images
Filling out Forms and using AutoFill 03m 48S
Creating Web Clips 02m 29s
Using the Reader and Reading List 01m 47s
03m 30s Internet tethering

7 . Part of the iPod the iPhone 27m 09S
02m Browsing your Library 40S
Playing and Controlling Music 06 M 30s
Playing and Controlling videos 03m 23S
Using the Earbud Controls included 02m 55s
Adjusting your iPod settings 05m 13S
Browsing and buying with the iTunes app 03m 15s
Using AirPlay to stream content wirelessly from an iPhone to an Apple TV or AirPort Express 03m 13s

8. Photos and Video shooting and Managing the Photo Library 39m 12S
Shooting Still photos with your iPhone 07m 32S
Better Shooting photos using HDR and Grid lines 02m 56s
Viewing and Editing Still Images 07m 16S
Customizing your Wallpaper 03m 20s
02m 53s Shooting video
Viewing and Editing video 02m 28S
Taking Screenshots 01m 14s
Sharing photos and video 05m 08S
04M 26S Geotagging photos
Creating Photo albums 01m 59s

9. Getting Around 19m 07S
Getting your Location with Maps 02m 32S
Finding addresses and nearby Businesses 02m 42s
Bookmarking locations 02m 26S
05m 19S Getting Directions
Showing traffic and alternate maps 01m 46s
Using Street View 02m 11S
Using the Compass app 02m 11S

10. Managing Your Time 18m 09S
Adding events to your calendar 05m 14s
Subscribing to Calendars 01m 45s
Setting Time Zone Support 02m 08S
Using the Clock app 05m 27s
Setting Reminders 03m 35S

11. Taking Notes 06 M 39s
Using the Notes app 02m 55s
Using the Voice Memos app 03m 44s
07m 38S
12. The Other Included Apps
Using the Stocks app 02m 29s
Using the Calculator app 00M 50s
Using the YouTube app 02m 54s
Using the Weather app 01m 25S

13. App Store the 17m 13S
Understanding the App Store 04M 36S
Browsing the App Store on iPhone or iPod the Touch 05m 24S
06 M 35S Purchasing apps
app settings Finding 00M 38S
16m 01s
14. Important Settings
Airplane mode 01m 40S
Wi-Fi 03m 25S
00M 55s Brightness
About 02m 24S
03m 46s Usage
Date and time settings 01m 10s
02m 41s Restrictions

15. Protecting Your iPhone 12m 24S
Auto-lock 01m 22S
04M 37s Passcode lock
Find My iPhone 06 M 25S

16. Using Siri and Voice Control 17m 22S
06 M 08S Siri Introducing
Listening and responding to messages 01m 36S
02m 18S Setting Reminders
Dictating in 01m 50s apps
Voice Control for non-iPhone 4S Devices 05m 30s

17. Troubleshooting 16m 00s
Begin by restarting 01m 02S
-Force Quitting apps 00M 35S
00M 42s Rebooting
Resetting 02m 15s
Erasing and RESTORING 04M 33s
Checking for updates 01m 39s
Extending battery life 05m 14s

29s 00M Conclusion
Next steps 00M 29s

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