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Digital Tutors - Introduction to Camera Animation in Maya 2011
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This course will provide you with a foundation for camera animation in Maya.
We'll cover everything from creating turntables, to techniques we can use to add more entertainment to our shots by camera animation alone. We'll learn various ways we can rig cameras and even discuss shot composition to make sure the audience knows who the significant players and objects of interest are in our scene. By the end, you'll have the knowledge you need to animate the camera confidently, producing results that can captivate an audience.
Lesson Outline (14 lessons)

1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Working with the Resolution Gate
3. Creating a Turntable Animation
4. Setting up Camera Rigs
5. Animating a Fly-through
6. Animating the Camera to Follow a Dynamic Action
7. Creating Subtle Camera Animations
8. Animating Camera shakes
9. Camera Cuts and Close-ups
10. The Vertigo Effect
11. Shot Continuity
12. Choosing Meaningful Camera Angles
13. The Rule of Thirds
14. The Triangular Composition

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