Ver la Versión Completa Con Imagenes : Instructions for posting on Music Zone

25-09-2011, 13:50:57
The purpose of this tutorial is to explain to all users of the Music Zone guidelines to follow when making new contributions to the forum in order to establish a standard structure for the contributions to the area.


It is of great importance since it is the first information that users of the forum will have your input, so please note the following:

-Using Prefix: Song - Album - Discography (as appropriate)
-Name of Artist or Group
-Year of Publication
-Gender (for those areas where handled many genres, such as Rock Zone)


Here is an example of post title

[Album] - Mastodon - Live At The Aragon (2011) (Technical - Progressive Groove Metal)


1. Album Title
2. Cover Art

Note: If you do not know how to upload pictures to your contribution click on the following link
http://www.denunciando.com/tutoriales-13/20695-video-como-crear-un-tema-y-subir-un-archivo-adjunto-imagen-mp3-video-etc.html (http://www.denunciando.com/tutoriales-13/20695-video-como-crear-un-tema-y-subir-un-archivo-adjunto-imagen-mp3-video-etc.html)

3. Track List: (this is the list of songs that contains your contribution)
4. Download Links
5. Video of a song from the album (if possible)

Note: If you do not know how to upload videos to your contribution click on the following link
http://www.denunciando.com/tutoriales-13/21801-tutorial-como-agregar-videos-de-youtube-y-otros-formatos-al-foro.html (http://www.denunciando.com/tutoriales-13/21801-tutorial-como-agregar-videos-de-youtube-y-otros-formatos-al-foro.html)


They are very important because through them the other forum user can more easily find your contributions.

There are two ways to add tags to your contributions:

The first is before you get your input below the find dialog box labels as in the picture below and write there labels to identify your contribution.


The second way is to add tags to a post already created, and for that end of the post you and only you click on edit to add tags.


And you have done this and are ready to upload to your forum contributions.

I hope this tutorial is helpful for everyone.